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1.  How could we know the quality, if we want to order your diamond saw blades,  and other diamond tools?       

     Please just test it with a very small trial order, then you will know the quality clearly. a small trial order for testing will be necessary.

2.  What is the minimum quantity we should buy?

      Any amount order is available.

      For regular order, it would be much better if the weight reachs 45kgs(requested by AirLine Companies, Otherwise the Airfreight below 45kgs is very high).

3.  What could we do if we find your good are not in good performance?

     Give us detailed report as feedback.

     Analyze the possible reasons.

     Try to find a way to solve the problem.

     If the problem caused products' quality itself,  will make the compensation according to your actual loss.

4.  We send you the payment, what we should do if you don't send us our order?

     This is impossible to happen! But if you send us the payment, please inform us or send us the copy of Bank Transfer so  that we can make the production and arrangment of        shipment earlier.

5.  What is the delivery way?

     Urgent order with with small size and weight, we recommend express courier service.

     give the advice according to actual situation..

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